Theo Sarfati
Theo Sarfati


I am currently studying buisness and finance at EBS Paris, an INSEEC school.

Since I started the MBA program, I can see where I go and what I like and it help me to find my objective. As a French Man, I'm obsessed by food and by different flavors that we can smell, I'm passionate about cooking.

I have dreamed of becoming an architect because I love construction and drawing.

Since I started a business school Master, my pojects are different than when I was young; mine is now to open a French bakery in the United States of America because I think they didn't know the real tastes of artisan bakeries like in France, the country of bakeries.I hoped it will be successful to open others bakeries in others countries.

I'm a creative person and at work I’m very strategic because I am meticulous and a little maniac. I like processing by order because I think that's how we are most productive. I am open minded and I really appreciate that people who work together communicate naturally on their respective advancements because I think that's the way of a productive organisation who have objectives and targets.

My passion is cars, after I would like to work in the car market, as a designer, this is my dream because it should associate all of my passions.

Theo Sarfati


In 4th year of business school, we, students, go to study semester abroad in the partner universities of our school. For my part I would do my semester abroad in Mexico. The second semester of the year is dedicated to an internship abroad corresponding to the different profiles of the students.

Being passionate about cars, I am looking for an internship within a car brand. I think it's in this area that I would find myself the most comfortable and the best performer. Being basic imaginative I could share my ideas, listen to others to build together, carry out a project that is important to us, the company too. All this in order to promote the brand, to evolve but also to evolve in this market.

The departments in which I would be well done my internship are the departments dedicated to the design of parts, cars ... the department dedicated to marketing is probably the one in which I would be most comfortable; I have a lot of knowledge about marketing objectives and strategies, so I can help. I would also see myself doing my internship in the advertising department because I had the opportunity to attend a seminar on some rules and tips for creating advertisements.

For this internship research, I am open to all proposals in all cities of the world, from the beginning of February. The desired duration for this internship is 5 months or more because I must then return to Paris to begin my 4th year.

I am currently studying coding in San Francisco, an opportunity that my school gives me for a period of one month. I like a lot of concept because it allows me to learn things that I would never have learned in Paris or in my business school. As a result, it opens my mind, not only by traveling, but especially by discovering a new universe that is coding and that interests me a lot.

Theo Sarfati
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Theo Sarfati

Theo Sarfati


-> The Elon Musk Tunnel

Link - The Elon Musk tunnel

Comment: First, I chose this article because Elon Musk is a person I admire. He is innovative, direct, relaxed but above all very smart. He keeps revealing to the public new revolutionary ideas to change the world. His imagination is limitless, he is very open-minded and likes conscious things. The article I have chosen speaks of one of the ideas that Elon Musk unveiled to the public not long ago. The main idea is to lighten the streets, minimize the pollution of cars and reduce car travel time. Elon musk therefore thought of a network of tunnels in the basement of cities in which cars would circulate at a phenomenal speed. The installations in town are very minimal, it is about "mini stations" on which it is necessary to be placed so that the car is fixed automatically to a platform which itself serves as an elevator and car. Indeed, it is the platform that carries the car that serves as a "tunnel car" and there is nothing to manage. Once arrived at destination, the platform goes back to where a "mini station" is located in order to rediscover the user in the city. I find this idea ingenious, aimed at a better well-being in the cities, but also aiming to improve the conditions of journeys in town often unpotable. I hope that the project will not fall in the water because I think it will be the future.

-> Solar electricity in Africa

Link - Solar electricity in Africa

Comment: A dozen African Heads of State participated on March 12 in the first summit of the International Solar Alliance. This presence proves the need of these countries in electricity. For centuries, we know that Africa is one of the sunniest continents in the year and we do nothing. In addition to being the sunniest continent, it is the continent that is hit by the sun of the greatest force on the globe. Nobody has ever had the idea since then, to take advantage of what the universe has given us, to exploit the resources at best possible to make the living conditions of Africans better until today. The problem is: In order to fully exploit Africa's solar potential, countries need $30 billion a year. Only a little part of private investors, in cooperation with public actors, can carry such projects in countries where economic growth is down. I think this project incredible because it is rather surreal that no one jumped at the opportunity to invest on a safe source, the sun! It is clear that this project costs a fortune and that few people or groups are able to fully fund it. like the Elon Musk tunnel, I hope that this project will not fall in the water because it is "the future" of Africa that is at stake.


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